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Hosta ‘Bubble Dance’ (2016)

Registrant: E. McHugh Introducer: M. Anderson
Originator: M. Anderson Nominant: M. Anderson



Plant Width (in) Plant Width (cm) Plant Height (in) Plant Height (cm)
24.00 60.96 15.00 38.10
Plant Habit Growth Rate Plant Size
mound-like moderate


Leaf Length (in) Leaf Length (cm) Leaf Width (in) Leaf Width (cm)
6.00 15.24 4.00 10.16
Vein Pairs Leaf Color Center Margin Appearance
7 to 8 streaked shades of green slightly rippled
Leaf Color Margin Margin Varigation Width (in) Margin Varigation Width (cm)
streaked shades of green, yellow & white
Petiole Characteristics Leaf Texture Top Leaf Texture Bottom
dull glaucous bloom
Leaf Appearance Leaf Shape Leaf Base
lightly corrugated overall. ovate flat


Scape Height (in) Scape Height (cm) Scape Color Scape, Leaves, Bract at Maturity
18 to 24 45.7 to 61 green


Flower Length (in) Flower Length (cm) Flower Color Flower Shape
1.5 3.81 pale lavender tubular
Growing Location Bloom Start Bloom Peak Bloom Finish
Sicklerville, NJ
Flower Time Flower Color Patterns Fragrance
June 1 ti July 15 very light stripes False


Bloom Period Code: Ties the flower to the a "species scale". The registrant has provided the number code form the scale above for the start -- peak -- finish of the flowering period


Sets Pods Seed Viability Seed Pod Color


Clump's Origin Clump Source Age of Clump Clump Location
original sport 4 Sicklerville, NJ
Clump Description


Pod Parent Pollen Parent Sport's Hybrid Parent
Sport of H. 'Kiwi Full Monty'


Notable Characteristics
Pastel streaky sport of Kiwi Full Monty that maintains the white line that is common in sports of the 'Striptease' line.
Season Color Change
colors darken throughout the season
Registration Corrections
Additional Description
Family/Group AHS Show Class Old Name
Picture Location General Color Patented
AHS Photo Registry False
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