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This searchable database contains detailed information for all registered cultivars, and Hosta Finder information for many additional non-registered cultivars. Three simple search methods are provided from this screen: 1) search by cultivar name, 2) search by Originator, Nominant, Introducer or Registrant (ONIR) or 3) search by year of registration.

  • All searches are case insensitive; lower case and capital letters may be used interchangeably
  • Searches are sensitive to spaces and punctuation (we suggest avoiding the use of either)
This search utility contains only limited information on hosta species (minimum for Show Classification purposes).

For complete information about hosta species, please refer to one (or all) of the excellent references below.

  • http://www.hostalibrary.org/speciestop.htm
  • http://www.hostalists.org/hosta_list_sph.php
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosta

As the radio buttons indicate, you may search for names that begin or end with certain text, but the most versatile method is to use the "Anywhere . . ." button which locates all cultivars that contain the entered text anywhere in its name. Please note - ONIR names are listed in the database by first initial followed by last name. Thus, searches for Thomas Micheletti or Tom Micheletti will be fruitless no matter which button is selected. For best results, enter the last name only (micheletti) and use the "Anywhere in Name" button. Following this suggestion will preclude the dilemma of knowing the appropriate first initial, or knowing if/when multiple names were used.

The American Hosta Society is pleased to offer this search utility. It is a fast, powerful tool for any hosta historian, grower and enthusiast. However, this tool has its limitations and is not a replacement for the hard copy Registrations issue. Official registration details are to be retrieved from the published Registrations document (select the "Published Lists" tab above). Contact me to offer suggestions for improvements or if I can answer questions about the registration process in general.

Gayle Hartley Alley
International Registrar Genus Hosta
(816) 697-2007

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