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Genus Hosta Registration Publications

As the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for the genus Hosta, The American Hosta Society publishes cultivar registration data annually. Members of The American Hosta Society receive this publication each year as a supplement to The Hosta Journal. Additionally, these registration documents are available as Adobe PDF documents through the links below.

  Cumulative Index (through 2019)   - updated 1/21/2020
  2018 Registrations
  2017 Registrations
  2016 Registrations
  2015 Registrations
  2014 Registrations
  2013 Registrations
  2012 Registrations
  2011 Registrations
  2010 Registrations
  2009 Registrations
  2008 Registrations
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  2006 Registrations
  2005 Registrations
  2004 Registrations
  2003 Registrations
  2002 Registrations
  2001 Registrations
  2000 Registrations
  1999 Registrations
  1992-1998 Silver Book Supplement
  1969-1991 Silver Book
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