Welcome to the American Hosta Society Online Registry & 
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The American Hosta Society (AHS) is proud to announce its newly restructured website. The site continues to include the familiar Search utility with an additional option to search by year of registration. Photos of registered cultivars are now included and, where possible, they are the original images received with their respective registration applications.

Two new services have also been added. First, the details of Show Classification data for species and registered varieties are now directly available to the public. No one has to download a 72 (or 150) page document to look up the necessary Section, Class, color or leaf size needed for entries in an AHS Hosta Show. Secondly, a service sponsored and maintained by the America Hosta Growers Association (AHGA), is pricing information for all varieties (registered, non-registered or species) sold by AHGA member nurseries. Both of these services are available on a variety-by-variety basis. Simply use the familiar Search utility to locate your desired cultivar(s). If an AHGA member nursery has that variety for sale, the contact information and pricing will appear on the tab labeled “Hosta Finder” while the “Show Classification” tab provides relevant classification details.

To better reflect the expanded nature of information now available to
the public, the name has been changed to
the Hosta Treasury

The tabs above provide access to the following:

  • The "Search" tab takes you to our search utility providing a simple method to retrieve information from the registry database.
  • The "Published Lists" tab provides quick access to download PDF versions of each annual registration booklet and the latest Cumulative Index of all registered varieties.
  • The "Registrations" tab provides access to an online registration utility and a detailed guide for assistance with the requirements for registering your hosta cultivar.
  • The "Hosta Terminology" tab takes you to the Hosta Dictionary located on The American Hosta Society's website.
  • The "AHS" tab takes you to The American Hosta Society's home page.

I am pleased to be serving the AHS and will continue to do my best to provide timely, accurate and respectful registration services. I welcome input and encourage everyone to contact me with improvement suggestions.

Gayle Hartley Alley
International Registrar
Genus Hosta

NOTE: the presence of non-registered varieties in the Search utility does not constitute establishment of these cultivar names per the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP). Official registration of hosta cultivars is per the printed Registrations issue published each year.

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